A Yellowsone Super-eruption? - Elsewhere?
Terrorists trigger it?
A waiting holocaust?
Or, humanity's finest hour?

Yellowstone super volcano


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Yellowstone Super eruption defence

This book...
...covers a number of new aspects not considered by other authors on the subject so far:

Why Super-eruption civil defence need:
Not only is there a science case to prevent a huge humanicide – but, because authorities themselves hold terrorists may nuke a super-eruption to get even with the U.S. due to U.S. foreign policies. Till now there are only doom and gloom scenarios.

How civil defence:
The work argues there is today viable science and technology to thrive past a super-eruption.

Other advantages civil defence:
Further , the work argues that civil defence would lead to humanity’s finest hour apart from preventing a holocaust.

The work then considers some related aspects:

  • The sublimation of human war.
  • Basic and higher development and capabilities.
  • Dealing with ecocide; environmental meltdown.
  • Resolving problems of clean energy, rising food and other prices, pockets of world hunger, raw material shortages, rising slum cities, small farmers in distress.
  • Deep space potential and a way forward.
The research has taken account of the views of leading specialists in the field. This includes Prof. Stephen Sparks FRS, who helped in the production of the BBC’s docu-drama Yellowstone watched by tens of millions worldwide.

You can now download the book in PDF format here (1.8MB).

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